About Us

Over thirty year’s ago, a Polish immigrant couple George and Lenna Wagner returned to their roots by purchasing their first vineyard River Ranch in the Central Valley of California.  Since then they have been joined by their daughter and her husband, the Gillespie’s, growing premium raisin grapes in the vineyards nestled along the banks of the San Joaquin River.  Combining their decades of farming experience with new farming technology has led them to begin developing vineyards equipped with the new Dry on the Vine (DOV) raisin technology.

In 2015, Troy and Basia Gillespie expanded the family business to include processing and packing services to guarantee the family business produces and ships the highest quality all natural California raisins from farm to table all around the world.   As a tribute to George and Lenna, the facility was named River Ranch Raisins.

River Ranch Raisins looks forward to welcoming Central Valley growers into our family business.  We are excited about this new chapter and can’t wait to start meeting new growers- our doors are open.

We grow, process, and ship our raisins to ensure superior quality at every step and produce exceptional natural ingredients and snacks directly from the family farm.  Let us show you the difference!

Your Best Choice For:

Professional local vineyard management

Packed to order for freshness

Quality that exceeds U.S.D.A. standards

Indoor storage from raw to finished product

Highest average raw product B&B grades

Dehydration and reconditioning services

Safefood 360 customer portal

Multiple product lines

Certified allergen-free

Kosher certified

Halal certified