Selma Pete DOV Raisin Technology

Dry on the Vine (DOV) Selma Pete raisins are different from traditional Thompson Seedless products and offer a new opportunity for bulk raisin buyers.  Since the grapes are grown, dried, and harvested differently, the Selma Pete raisins are a little more delicate, sweeter and meatier.  This makes them perfect to eat by the handful, just the way they are.

Selma Pete grapes mature earlier allowing more time to accumulate sugars while they dry on the vine. They average >69% higher B&B numbers than ordinary Thompson Seedless raisins.  DOV reduces the introduction of sand and other foreign objects that are found on the ground during the harvest period.

Many of our customers have found that DOV raisins have proven to meet their food safety concerns by reducing exposure to foreign objects.

Drying on the Vine

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Drying on the Ground